Tuesday, October 26, 2010

is it over yet?

This is in reference to anything and everything in general. The hubs and I are dealing with some medical-related issues yet again (just when you thought things had finally settled down, the government wants to screw you yet again). We are hoping to at least begin the process of resolving these issues tomorrow. We'll see how lucky we get.
The field trip is coming quickly and I still have a few people who haven't responded! I was lucky in that my teaching partner has a mom who offered to contact my drivers for me. She even created a spreadsheet that listed the responses she got from every family. I didn't know she was going to contact everyone in my class! There are a few parents who are only driving their own child which is fine but whatever. According to the spreadsheet, if all my parents who claim to be driving show up, I have spots for up to 40 children! lol. So if that's the case, I'm hoppin' in someone else's car cos I have no clue where we're going.
I worked a bit on It's Good to be a Girl and I even went down a needle size (finally!). Now it's knitting up better. I don't have to give the stitch a lil tug so that it isn't too loose. I'm in the midst of the third pattern repeat (I'm going to do 6). The yarn is SO SO soft!
Okay, off to bed.


  1. Glad to hear you finally made a decision in regards to the needle size!

    What is the field trip for? Where you guys going?

    I hope you get all that medical stuff sorted out.

  2. You guys are always in my prayers...love and hugs too!


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