Sunday, October 24, 2010

late sunday night

The hubs and I had quite an interesting day. I may have mentioned that one of my students had invited us to her church. Well, we finally went and it was quite the experience. In a nutshell, we most likely will not be returning to the church again. The congregation was lovely, the pastor wonderful and I enjoyed the usage of percussion to go along with the songs we were singing but the service was extremely long (we were there from 10:30 AM till at least 1:00 PM). Not to mention the unusual things that occurred towards the end of the service. Though I did tell the hubs that next Sunday, we can try another church!
Going to this new church helped me start to develop a mental list of what I wanted in my next church. I liked the familial feeling and how warm everyone was. I also like that this is a church where the congregation does stuff for the community. The church I grew up in was just barely beginning to do that when we still lived at that house. I am seeking out other places of worship because in those last few months that I was still at that house, (on the occasions that I did attend church,) the feeling that I used to have when I'd go to church was no longer there. I haven't lost faith per se but more like I couldn't believe how that woman could attend church services once a week and act as if everything was wonderful in her household when they weren't and she wasn't doing anything to rectify the situation.  So to me, she is being a hypocrite.  
We baked our zucchini bread-the hubs suggested we put less sugar than the recipe called for (wish I had snuck in at least another half cup when he wasn't looking!) and apparently the temperature at which we baked it at (the recipe said 325) was too low so it's still a bit squooshy. It's definitely not shareable with co-workers! We'll try again in about a month cos I don't think I could eat much more zucchini bread if we tried it again next weekend! I will try to take pics of our loaves tomorrow. We used this recipe.
I finally finished working on the bottom edging for my andrea's shawl and I picked up the necessary stitches to start working on the border!
Right now, I am trying to actually read some of the books I have stacked next to my bed! I picked up The Carrie Diaries and read the first chapter and thought..meh. We'll see. I'm trying to get my nose deep into Heart of the Matter which is okay but it isn't a quick read like that Tori Spelling book I read not too long ago! lol.
The hubs and I watched an interesting moving on demand. It was called Legion. It was kind of ironic that we'd watch a movie like that tonight after our experience at that church.
Okay, must get back into reading my book before it gets too late!


  1. That's too bad about the zucchini bread not being done enough! I remember making zucchini bread before we had kids and still had a big garden. It was the best way to use up all those giant zucchinis. Better luck next time. Did you put a toothpick in the middle to see if it was done before taking it out of the oven?

  2. Oh, that's weird that the bread didn't turn out for you? It's worked nicely for us each time. Did you make 2 loaves? The recipe calls to split it - maybe it was too much in one pan, which is why it didn't turn out? We also like it SO much better with chocolate chips in it!

    That sucks Carrie Diaries is just "eh". I think my sister is reading it now, I'll ask her what she thought of it. I also have Heart of the Matter on my to read soon list.

    That's interesting about the Church. Were you a church goer as a child?


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