Saturday, October 2, 2010

a change of heart

I cast on for green leaves not too long ago and I have to tell you that the cast on alone killed me. The idea of working 270 sts back and forth (in straight garter stitch mind you) was not all that exciting. So there it sat while I worked on my purpley mush and then decided to cast on for that kittyville hat. Purpley mush just needs to have the buttons sewn on
and my kittyville hat just needs some ears.
Then along came the the new knitty. It was love at first sight. I cast on for my crocagator scarf late last night and worked on it a bit after watching this week's episode of Parenthood and then a few episodes of Weeds. Yes, it's got a feather and fan vibe to it which I swore to NEVER subject myself to again but I'm working through it.
I'm still working on finding the best place to take pictures in our North facing apartment but obviously it's been tough. I set aside my crocagator though cos the hubs came home with some mail for me! :) It is Sleight of Hand from Sock Yarnista
And Illusion from Stash Menagerie. 
Both are amazingly soft and beautiful and I already know what I would like to cast on for with the sleight of hand. I'm thinking illusion will become a hat at some point!
Happy early Birthday to the monkey and to Knottykitty! Both will be celebrating their respective birthdays tomorrow. :)


  1. The croacodylia scarf pattern is the perfect and very appropriate choice for your brilliant emerald green yarn :) Good luck knitting all those stitches....brings back memories of me knitting the lovers knot blanket with oh so many stitches ;)

    happy knitting :)

  2. GREAT stash enhancement! Yum! I love the new blog colors. Very nice.

    I love both Parenthood & Weeds. We still have last week's to watch before tomorrow night's episode. I wonder how many are left this season, probably only a handful.

    Yeah 270 sts doesn't sound like fun...! Do you think you'll finish it, or did you 100% frog?


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