Sunday, October 3, 2010

why do you blog?

I was thinking about this last night. One of my blogging friends just recently decided to throw in the towel. Her life is now headed a different direction and the thing that made her start blogging in the first place was no longer there. That made me think if that was going to happen to me. Yes, life has become busier and yes, I'm not as obsessed with knitting and yarn as I was when I first began blogging so my readership has waxed and waned as has my blogging in general! That doesn't mean that blogging has lost its importance in my life.
In the beginning, blogging for me was about showing off my knits and my yarn. The person behind those knits and all that yarn rarely showed her face. Now the tables have turned and the knits and the yarn are a bonus to the person that once stood behind them. As time passed and I grew older, my reason for blogging shifted. I didn't just want to share about knitting. I wanted to share a little more of the me besides the knitting. Has it been scary to share more of myself with the world? Sure. Yet there have been many times when I just needed support from friends or I just needed to vent and not have anyone judge me. That's why I blog. I like the friends I've made. Granted many have come and gone but that's life. For me blogging is a way to express myself without any judgment. So what if no one reads it.
Now tell me, why do you blog?


  1. I like your blog :)
    I started blogging because I wanted to put our lives down in hopes that the ex would look at it and want to stay with us. Didn't work. But now my life has changed and I enjoy putting my life in words.

  2. I think I read blogs because I gain so much inspiration from what others are doing with their knitting, etc and I think I write my blog because I hope I give inspiration to others....along the way I have received an even bigger bonus...finding my wonderful knitting friends you :)

  3. I'm with you about adding more personal touches to your blog. I love reading about people's lives outside of knitting. I totally understand why so many people keep things knitting only but I'm nosy and like to know what's going on with people!

  4. I blog because I've always journaled, and it's a way for me to journal with photos and all that jazz. I like sharing my thoughts an getting feedback. Though, I can't 100% be myself on my blog and I can't 100% say what I want to say on my blog because unfortunately certain family members read my blog. I tried doing the private blog for a while, but from that I lost readers.

    For now, I'm continuing to blog, but I've certainly thought a couple of times about giving it up as well. Though, I think my readers would be very disappointed if I did...

    I love reading your blog. Hope you stay around a while on here ;)

  5. I have been so bad about even reading blogs this year since I got into Facebook. But I like reading blogs much better - they don't make me feel as bad about my life as blogs do I guess as blogs aren't as much about daily life as it happens so you don't hear about all the parties, etc.

    I really want to get back into blogging but I am so pressured at my job (well, getting time put in for this job) that I never get around to it. I do knit still, though.

    I really loved blogs when they were in their heyday and I'm sad we've moved on to other forms of social networking.

  6. I just love this post. One of the reasons I like reading your blog is that you've become comfortable enough to really reveal yourself - and I don't know if I'm there yet in my blogging.

    But the main reason I blog is the community. Everyone I've met via the knitting/crafting blogs has been incredibly supportive, and that makes me want to check in and say hello. A lot of my dear bloggers feel like old friends to me. Is that strange to say? Hehe.


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