Wednesday, October 20, 2010

sweet valley high!

I'm so excited. As if I don't already have enough books to read by my bed (the hubs just picked up The Carrie Diaries for me from the library cos I had it on hold) but it was just announced that Sweet Valley High Confidential is going to be out sometime next year. I can't wait to read what Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield have been up to. I grew up reading about them and was super happy when UPN developed a tv show based on the books! Apparently a movie is possibly in the works too! lol.
Aside from that momentary teeny bopper moment, I'm still tired. I have three more home visits this week and I plan to attempt to get the printer working at school after my home visits. I have a bunch of stuff I want to print up for my leaves unit and of course I've got those two patterns waiting. :) I'm still slowly chugging along on the border for my andrea's shawl and the beginning stitches for It's good to be a girl. The sun is only out when I'm at school. By the time I get home, the clouds have already rolled in. We'll see how the weekend goes in regards to pictures!


  1. I loved sweet valley high too! :)

    I put a letter in the mail to you today.

  2. Didn't know there was a tv cool about the books too! I think I still have those books out in the garage, lol!

  3. The Sweet Valley Twins & High books are some of my favorite childhood memories. I remember reading the first 2 twins books over and over again when I was 10 and my parents & I drove to Florida to go to Disney World. I always wished I was a twin and then I go and marry one - weird huh?

  4. My sister was OBSESSED with those books SVH.

    I also have Carrie Diaries to read. Though, I'm in the middle of a book now (that you recommended!)

  5. I loved the Sweet Valley High books too!! I can't wait to read that one!!


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