Thursday, October 28, 2010

a day off

Well, I was able to blog for 27 days straight. I didn't start blogging daily with any particular goal in mind. I just wanted to try it out. I was too exhausted (and already in bed!) last night so I thought..whatever. It isn't like anyone is waiting with bated breath for me to post! If anything I realized that I have even less people commenting or just reading what I write in general when I post so often.  I did get used to it and it was nice to just pop on and do a little write-up about my day or my thoughts on that particular day instead of waiting a week or a month in between posts.
I am officially done with my home visits. I still never got around to seeing those other two who didn't take it upon themselves to reschedule. One of the students actually made a comment about me going over to his house and I said that his parents never set up a new date for me to go and that tomorrow was the last day. It was fun but I got burnt out quickly! Maybe next time I need to spread them out a bit more and not do so many in the first week.
Knitting has been slow. I do a row or two of "It's Good to be a Girl" when I get a chance. I'm going to re-attempt the andrea shawl possibly on the weekend but I'm not quite sure. I realized it's probably better for me to try to work on answering some of my letters that have piled up in the last month or so!
I started reading another book earlier in the week and I like it much better than any of the other ones I had started. lol. It is The Red Thread by Ann Hood who also wrote The Knitting Circle. One of the characters in The Red Thread is actually a knitter too.


  1. You did a good job posting. I don't think I could have done it ever\y day. I often feel "unread" and then you start to doubt. Crazy, isn't it, that we do this at all?

    Have a good wkd and rest up!

  2. That's cool that the Red Thread has a knitter in the book!

    Yey for being done your home visits!

    Hey, I enjoyed your blogging daily! I read! I comment :)

    I think you should stick to Andrea's Shawl & finish it!


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