Friday, October 8, 2010


Well, I survived my last two back to back home visits for the week. Yay!!!!!!! I was fed at the first home. (lol!). And am still stuffed. The mom made crepes filled with ground beef and bell peppers, Spanish rice, and the dad came by with some dessert (sweet potatoes and marshmallows). The mom also made a special drink for us which was delish (and she said it tastes even better with vodka or tequila!! I also got a plate to take with me for the hubs not to mention possible future invites to BBQ's because this family has them at least three times a month!!
At the second house, I learned that the mom knows my ex bf. (NOW do you understand how SMALL this freakin' town is??). I asked her to please not mention to him that I am her daughter's Kindergarten teacher! He's her buddy apparently and she always talks crap to him. She went so far as to share that he hasn't dated anyone seriously after me (like I care!) and then she asked about my husband!! 
We are watching "Imagine That" only because parts of it are filmed near where I used to teach (just the park scenes!) back in LA.
Tomorrow I get to sleep in and then I have one home visit in the afternoon. I can't wait to be all done with all the visits because it really does strengthen the relationship between myself and my students' parents.
We rehearsed today for our assembly that is coming up on the 22nd. Each grade level is responsible for presenting something every Friday morning. We are going to be doing 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?' We've been rehearsing and they're okay but today, we changed things. We are going to sing it instead of just say it and it was horrible. I hope they get better!!
I've been reading a bit of Heart of the Matter. It's slow goings because I'm SO exhausted by the time I get to sit and read. :P I don't think I'll have too much time to read this weekend since I want to plan for our first Enrichment day which is next Wednesday.  Ack. I just remembered I have to email one of the teachers about Enrichment. So I am off!


  1. That's so cute that the parents are feeding you and sending you food home! Can they send you lunches to school too? (LOL)!

    That sounds small town if she knows your ex. That's kinda sucky that she still talks to him, I hope that she doesnt tell him your her kid's teacher. Is she a gossip, that she might actually do that?? I hope not! Do you recognize her from before when you dated your ex, or no?

    Let me know how the book is - I have it on my list of things to read.

    Hope you have a great weekend! It's a long weekend here in Canada!


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