Wednesday, October 13, 2010

yay for hd

I forget how wonderful it is to have hd on our tv. It is wonderful because some channels will air things at the East Coast time which helps to free up my evening!
Our first day of Enrichment was awesome. Each teacher gets an older student to serve as their helper. My helper is awesome. I absolutely LOVE her! She claims to know a lot about leaves and says that she knows most of the names of the trees the leaves belong to. We went on a walk collecting leaves. The kids loved it. There is this pond that I always drive by on my way to work. This morning, I thought maybe we could walk there (because there are trees and lots of leaves!). So my goal is for us to get to walk there. It's a bit far but it'll be SO fun. My helper said that there are crabs there even! How that is possible, I don't know.
It was a long day though. I think focusing two hours of teaching one particular topic is tiring. Then to transition into Math, goodness gracious I don't know what we were thinking. My kids were wacky.
One of the other teachers is doing trees and on our way back from our leaf walk, we saw her and her kids checking out the trees so I thought maybe we could go together to the pond. So we're gonna see. My director is excited about the possibility of collaboration.
I came home early to tend to my sick husband (who threw up again this morning..) and he wasn't home! I had forgotten he had class in the late afternoon. Oh well. So I got to be home alone and I did a whole bunch of nothing. I talked to my best friend though for about two hours and just got off the phone with her.
I'm up to the second half of my belle's ascot and will probably try to finish the garter stitch part tonight! So maybe I'll have pictures to post tomorrow but that depends on what time I get home from my one and only home visit.


  1. I don't think ponds have crabs either, but I may be wrong ;)

  2. Is your best friend a knitter as well?

    That's awesome you had a great teacher's helper! Makes things so much easier!

    The walk sounds refreshing! Mack's class just had a leaves day too - the teacher actually brought in garbage bags full of leaves and the kids made piles and jumped in them! They do that each year - sounds like SO Much fun!

  3. TV?? what is that? I watch my fave shows on HULU if I have time.... my first rotation is over and it really is easier right now.. helps that my 2 classes are really nice... makes me happy to be a teacher!


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