Monday, October 11, 2010

another long day

The hubs is sick. It's possible he caught whatever it was/is that is going around my classroom (fever and vomit). Poor guy. He stayed home from school today and spent most of the day in bed. His sore throat went away but he still doesn't feel too good.
While he was sleeping last night, I watched Nursery University which was both eye-opening and interesting. I also watched one of the Justice League movies. Since when do they say 'a**' in a cartoon??
I finished sewing the buttons on my purple mush while watching Nursery University. And then upon it's finish, I cast on for my husband's balaclava and for belle's ascot. I'm actually about halfway done with the right side of the scarf. It's a super fast knit. I'm trying to get all these fast knits out of my system (as well as the dying to knit projects!) and maybe then I can re-focus on goldie.
I had two fun home visits today. At the first one, I got to have a light saber battle and play this game. At the second one, my student has an enormous backyard so not only did I get to wander around the garden but I also got to go down the slide! She loved it.
I should be in bed but I got hooked on the current Days of Our Lives storyline. lol!!


  1. Sounds like you got quite a bit of knitting done this weekend...good girl ;)

    Sure hope your hubby feels better real soon!

  2. Light sabers! LOL Sounds like fun!

    Hope hubby feels better soon.

    Can't wait to see pictures of Purple Mush!


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