Tuesday, October 5, 2010

a good day at school (mostly)

I had two students out today and it was absolute heaven. One, I actually wished that he'd be absent (and it came true!!!!!!!!). The other one is in Disneyland. It was a pretty low-key day. It was weird. I hadn't realized how much time and effort those two particular kids take up. I had two home visits today in my old 'hood. I'm learning that parents will come from wherever in this town to send their child to my school! Yesterday I learned from the family I went to see that the older son was in a class of THIRTY-EIGHT children when he was in Kindergarten. The mother pulled him out after a couple of weeks. Can you imagine??? At one of my visits today, the boy was going to what I thought was a really good school in town and then transferred out to my school. The mom said he'd get homework all the time (like a packet plus sight words to practice).  I also learned that at that school Kindergarten is only from 8:30 to about 11:30 AM and that's it. Our Kindergarten is all day. So then it dawned on me that the other school probably gave homework because they weren't full day. The mom said that made sense. I've got two more tomorrow and hope that no one flakes. It's nice to get to visit my students at their homes but the adults think that it's supposed to be about them when really it's all about the child. Oh well.
I started reading The Curse of the Good Girl yesterday. I've only read through the introduction and so far so good. Unfortunately, Heart of the Matter arrived for me at the library so the hubs picked it up for me while I was doing my home visits. I say unfortunately because I probably will have to stop reading the aforementioned book because there might be a waiting list for the Heart book. We'll see. I'll try to read them simultaneously but you all know how that goes.
Okay, off to finish watching Glee! If you've noticed I'm attempting to blog everyday to see how long I can last. lol. Oh, I knit a row on my crocagator and the 1st/2nd grade teacher now wants me to teach her and my teaching assistant saw it on my desk and said "You're good!" :)


  1. Before you know it you'll a whole class to teaching knitting to ;)

  2. I also want to read Heart of the Matter. You'll probably finish it before me. Let me know how it is.

    Sounds like you had a good day with those 2 kids not there!


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