Monday, October 4, 2010


Yesterday, my lazy Sunday, I was flipping through channels because I had already watched everything that I found remotely interesting On Demand. I stumbled upon Teach: Tony Danza. I thought, 'This should be interesting." You'd think every reality show anyone could ever imagine had already been done! I thought this was going to be garbage but after watching the first episode and seeing clips of upcoming episodes during the season, it might actually be interesting. I figured it was just some publicity stunt to get him back into the public eye but he seems to really want to succeed at teaching. Administration and the kids aren't cutting him any slack. If anything it's going to be a more difficult ride for Tony Danza as a first year teacher than any other first year teacher. I tried to see if he's still teaching at the school where he did the reality series but I guess not. It was a one year experiment which I find lame. Granted he wasn't fully credentialed but it would be good to see what happened to his students who moved onto 11th grade and it would've been good to see if he improved at all in year 2.
It is a teacher work day. I thought that I would get to begin planning for our Enrichment activities which revolve around the Harvest. Instead I did a bunch of filing and the majority of my time here has been working on things that I need to get laminated later today. Of which I'm still not done. It's a whole lot of coloring for these file folder games I wanted my kids to be able to use.
It's amazing to me that we get an entire day to work in our classroom! I have never worked at a school where that happened! In fact, I asked our Director of Education what exactly were we going to do for our teacher work day and she said it was a day for teachers to work in their classrooms. I'm still in shock. No meetings are scheduled. I have grown accustomed to having a teacher workday and it being devoted solely to professional development with maybe an hour or two spent in the classroom. I packed my laptop, some letters, and of course some knitting (crocagator). It's already about 2:30 and out of the three things I just mentioned, I've only been able to get to the first one. Oh well. One must always be prepared! After laminating, I have my first home visit of the month. I hope it isn't too bad.


  1. That is very nice for you to have a whole day to work in your classroom. Here we have PDD days, either whole or half days. The teachers have workshops to attend for Professional Development, etc. I know the kids really enjoy the time off :)
    Good luck with your home visit!

  2. wow, an actual teacher work day when you get to work in your class? We have those and 7 of the 8 hours is spent on our rears in the media center listening to someone talk about something. I'd rather have students.

  3. Wow, I had no idea Tony Danza was now a teacher! Crazy!

    Hope you have a good school year this year!


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