Thursday, October 7, 2010

these home visits are killing me.

It's day four in a row of home visits (at least two scheduled from 4 pm on) and I'm wiped.  Don't get me wrong, I love going to my students' homes but I hadn't realized how tiring it was to go after a long day at school and then to come home and have MORE work to do.  At my last school, we did home visits before the school year began so tiredness wasn't a factor. Apparently, it's not supposed to be a time to talk about academics which I don't really but if we're supposed to find out a parents' hopes and dreams for their child, academics are going to be a topic of conversation. (We just got an email). Do you know what my conversations consist of with the parents? My background, how the child is adjusting to school, their background, and then it's just a basic back and forth normal conversation.  The first house I went to asked if I liked Mexican food which for someone that knows me well is a preposterous thing to ask me. I grew up in a predominantly Mexican neighborhood, all my friends were Mexican growing up, and my husband is Mexican. So for me not to like Mexican food would be a very bad thing! She fixed a plate of food for me and even made me fresh tortillas. Oh how I wished that I didn't have another house to visit after that one but I did and I ended up running late!! I more than made up for the lateness though because I ended up staying at the last house for an hour and a half!
'Private Practice' is on and I just finished cutting and stapling the "My Ff Books" that I plan to have my students work on tomorrow. I'm behind on blogs and emails and I don't have time to read or knit anymore but on the flip side, I'm establishing stronger bonds with my students and their parents.
Since I don't get my usual downtime anymore (between the hours of 4 and 7 pm), I've been staying up late to get a teeny bit of knitting in and or a teeny bit of reading. I looked in the mirror today and finally saw how tired I look by the end of the day after two home visits. Oy. The upside? Next week, Monday is my only day when I have two home visits back to back. I'll be able to reclaim my life again!


  1. I hope you can get some well deserved rest this weekend :) Have a good one!

  2. Hope you finish those home visits soon and get your life back (and some sleep!)

    These parents all seem so nice!

    What did you think of Private Practice?

  3. Are home visits a required 'thing'? I have never done one, and have never heard of anyone in my state being required to do one, at least that I know of. Kudos to you though for working so hard. I'm the standardized testing coordinator at my school and this was testing week, so I completely understand what you mean about being busy, tired, and left with no free time. Hang in there!


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