Saturday, October 9, 2010

crafty saturday

Well, I had one home visit today and spent the afternoon playing! lol. It was fun. I think we played for about an hour and then I spent the next half hour just talking with his folks. Then off the hubs and I went to pick up some groceries. I learned that it isn't just this town that is small but the school as well. They shared with me that the husband's ex's kid goes to our school AND this kid was in the same class as their older child. Can you imagine?? So they shared my horror.
Before leaving for the home visit, I did some work on my crocagator. I regret doing 5 repeats of the pattern but oh well. Next time (should there be one!) I will only do 3 or 4 pattern repeats. I worked on it after dinner and managed to finish it while we were watching 'The Bounty Hunter.' It is WAY short. I have to tie it in a knot it's that short. Oh well. It's still cute and now the hubs wants one as well. Pictures will be up tomorrow. I'm going to block it to see if it will grow a teeny bit.
I also worked on putting in my ears for my kitty hat. I had to move them a couple of times but I think I'm happy with my current ear placement. I still have the second set of ears to knit up and then I can take pictures! I want to cast on for some new projects (poor goldie..) so we'll see what I end up casting on for! 


  1. I'm so relieved you got to do some knitting ;) Can't wait to see your photos....

    new projects, yay.....happy knitting :)

  2. Wait, I'm confused, you're saying it's short, but next time you'll do less repeats? I don't understand? Please explain!


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