Friday, October 22, 2010


IOur assembly went well. The kids did fantastic! I couldn't be any prouder than I was today. Only about 8 parents were able to attend. I wish more had been there but such is the life of a working parent, right?
Yesterday, I read my kids The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin. We are a school that doesn't celebrate most holidays (unfortunately) but this is a book I can get away with. Today I decided they would each make their own pumpkin. Here's how they came out!
If you don't know the story and you have kids, you have to read it. It's super cute and there's even a movie out. The pumpkins are hysterical. I need to do more projects like this more often!
I also managed to get a picture of the wires I had the hubs install about a month ago.
I wish he could put more in (everywhere!) but it takes too long and it's a bit costly. Though I do love the look! The children do a paper puzzle once a week so that's what I put up on the wires.
For about a week, a package has been waiting patiently at our local post office. The hubs went by there today (cos I had forgotten about it!!) to pick it up and here's what I got from the ever wonderful, Tanyia!
Thanks hon!! Believe it or not, everything has survived. I think I'm finally coming down with something (after all the diseases I've been exposed to in the last couple of weeks!) so I'm not exactly in the mood for some candy (which is a shocker!!).
I also managed to snap a couple of shots of It's Good to be a Girl (thus far)
and the bottom edging for Andrea's Shawl.
Both are slow goings (can you tell?). I was finally able to print up the patterns for It's Good to be a Girl and Daybreak so I'll probably cast on for Daybreak this weekend!
I have two home visits tomorrow, our school is hosting a PT Cruiser car show and a Halloween event (not sure if I'm going to swing by), and then the hubs and I are off to my co-worker's house for dinner! I just hope I don't get any sicker!


  1. Love your kids artwork...they are really great artists!

    Glad you are managing to work in some knitting in your busy days :)

  2. Hope you dont get any more sick!

    LOVE the way you display the kids's stuff at school! That's just fantastic!

    I've never heard of that book. Will see if my library has a copy.

    Can't wait to see more progress on those 2 knits. Great progress so far!

    That's awesome your assembly went well!

  3. Your kids made some awesome artwork! The display your hub's made for the classroom is just plain fantastic.


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