Friday, October 15, 2010

hello weekend!

Must start working on goldie again! I could've worn her today (had she been finished!) and she would've done a much better job completing my outfit. She is on hiatus because even if I get through 2 pattern repeats, not much headway is made on her. Maybe I'll cast on for my andrea's shawl now? I'm not sure about my yarn selection for the hub's balaclava. It sheds a bit. I've only knit a couple of rows-maybe I'll knit a bit more just to see if I like it better.
Tomorrow, we're having a family day and we're all going to the Farm for hayrides, pumpkin races, and to visit the pumpkin patch and then we're off to the college for a Mayan cultural festival. We also have a guest coming for a visit. The hubs is finally starting to feel better. Though my kids are going through another sickness. Now it's just a fever that won't go away. I had six kids out today and one of them decided to stop by to say hi so we'll see if any of the kids who have yet to catch the sickness are out next week!
Our assembly is at the end of next week. I hope it goes well. The rehearsals are getting better but they're not singing it like I want them to. Beggars can't be choosers, right? At least most of them remember their lines!!
I will try to post pictures this weekend amid all the upcoming chaos..


  1. Good luck with your assembly!

    Your family day tomorrow sounds like a lot of fun! Have fun! Take pictures!

    Can't wait to see Goldie done!

  2. Ugh!! thats the one thing I really hate about Logan being in school now...all the sickness that comes along with it. So far ::knocking on wood::: we've been lucky...Iknow we'll probably all be sick next week. :(


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