Tuesday, October 19, 2010

slow week

The printer at school doesn't work. I tried to print up both daybreak and it's good to be a girl but neither one of the computers I tried worked!! We don't have any ink here at home and won't for a while and I'm itching to get to knitting. I cast on for it's good to be a girl late last night and worked a little bit on it today during my lunch break. I decided I should do a little bit of relaxing during my lunch break instead of devoting most of it to getting stuff done.
I had two more home visits today. I have a few more this week and then I just have two scheduled for next week. I still have two students who haven't scheduled anything with me. Oh well. I'm not going to chase after them.
We have our assembly this Friday and I think we might actually do all right. Next week, we have our first field trip of the year.
Okay, off to knit (just a teeny bit!) and then off to bed.

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  1. Sending you good vibes about your assembly on Friday.

    That sucks your printers at school aren't working. Did you write it out by hand to get started? How much would it cost for you to go to Office Depot or Kinkos to get the 2 patterns printed in B&W?


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